Fish Valley Semenyih (01.05.14)

This was a return visit to put in a proper fishing shift, to try out a new light fishing rod (inspired by Noru’s very light set-up that I tried on last week’s visit here), to test palm oil seed bait on this water and, finally to try for a new species and, a patin in particular.

In contrast to last week’s visit, I arrived on time and with a range of baits, including bread, coconut buns, sweet corn and a good supply of palm oil seeds. I was unable to get tempeh and forgot the prunes …! But Noru has 6363 pellets, so we were well stocked. Unfortunately the pond was very busy. We setup on the bank but found that the angler to our right, who was fishing with a spring feeder – multi-hook rig (illegal at this venue, I believe), insisted on casting to his left, across us. And, to add insult to injury, kept hooking up pacu on his heavy spin gear and then either had to walk right past us because he couldn’t seem to bring his fish back to his location, despite using heavy gear (that’s why its called angling, mate!); or, worse, got one of his multiple hooks snagged in our tackle. Then another angler set up on our left and proceeded to start catching (& snagging) us too. This man was much more friendly and reasonable, though. And, it resulted in our first fish as one of his pacu got foul hooked in Noru’s rig:

(2)_Pacu No.1 [ed]First Pacu of the day

After almost 3 hours without a bite (and being flanked by people catching on both sides) Noru noticed a frenzy of surface activity in the top corner of the pond. We decided to move position (Badrul had also joined us by now), and we sat and waited and watched whilst anglers to our right once again start catching pacu. But it wasn’t long before Noru got a take on the drop after casting a pellet ball out and brought in the first legitimate pacu of the session.

(4)_First legitimate Pacu [ed]Pacu No.2

Noru got a second fish soon after. It was my turn next, and I finally got a strike after casting a palm oil seed bait on a ledger rig about 40m out into the lake. It was a big hit from a smallish pacu.

(5)_My first PacuMy first of the day

I then took my new 4-10lb class rod and flicked out a floaing bred bait into an area of surface swirls. It was soon taken by a reasonable carp species (?). It didn’t take any line but was spirited on the light rod.



(9)_CarpCarp on floated bread

Then, just after releasing the carp I got a big hit on my palm oil bait and hooked into a good fish that put up a good scrap and revealed itself to be a pacu of c.4kg. With that, it was time to stop as the 7.00pm curfew had passed and it was rapidly descending into darkness. After a slow start, we’d finally come good at the end of the session. I was quite looking forward to trying out the restaurant again but Noru and Badrul both had to leave. So, I left the red ayam curry to the next visit …..!

(12)_4kg PacuMy second Pacu, c.4kg

(14)_Fish Valley SemenyihThe red ayam curry will have to wait until next time!

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