Fish Valley Semenyih (19.04.14)

I had no plans to go fishing this weekend, but, a chance phone call with Noru on the preceding afternoon resulted in this trip. Noru asked me if I intended to go fishing at the weekend – I initially said no because I had some things to sort out, but that I may think about the NEFFP in Rawang, as I couldn’t think of anywhere else. Noru suggested trying the Fish Valley at Semenyih. I’d heard about it because it had Patin, a species on my Bucket List; and, being as my family was away, I decided to give it a try on the Saturday afternoon.

I planned to meet Noru at the location at 2.00pm. Noru was to bring Pellet 6363 bait, I was going to try to source palm oil seed plus bring some tempeh. However, events conspired against me, and I ended up leaving late, sans bait, at 2.15pm. I picked my route on Google Maps – down Jalan Ampang, B62 to Hulu Langat, B116 to Semenyih Reservoir, and then South on the B19 to Semenyih. The journey was through the hills to the east of Kuala Lumpur and was going to be picturesque and take about 40 minutes, or so I thought …! First I was delayed by an accident on the roundabout going onto Jalan Kuching (the traffic was like Monday morning rush hour), then I got caught in traffic on Jalan Ampang. Finally, I was out of the city and into the hills; it was indeed a scenic route if it wasn’t for every lay-by littered with bin bags from the nearest Kampung. Then, as I finally reached the B19 and turned south at around 3.20pm, the road was partially blocked by offset concrete blocks, then warning road signs planted on the road itself (all in Malay). All very strange – I thought that it must be to slow speeds at an accident black spot. But a few km’s down the road the road was completely blocked with ongoing road repairs on a completely washed away section of the road!!

Semenyih Reservoir & washed-out roadWashed-out road being repaired on the B19 at Semenyih Reservoir – 15 km from the Fishing Village!

Damn, I was only c.15kms, or about 10 minutes away – it was a big detour to circle around from the opposite direction, but I decided to at least get to the destination to take a look, even if I didn’t get time to fish. I finally arrived at 5.00pm, 2 hours late to my estimated late arrival time of 3.00pm! The place looked neat and tidy and well set up. Noru had already started getting some takes – he’d lost a big fish and then landed a nice carp by the time I was set-up and ready to fish.

(C) Noru's Carp (19.04.14) [ed] (1) (E) Noru's Carp (19.04.14) [ed] (2)Noru’s Carp

The lake looked good, with intermittent rises rippling the surface:

Fishing Village Semenyih - Catch & Release Pond (19.04.14) [ed]Fishing Village Semenyih – Catch & Release Pond. Finally arrived at 5.00pm …..!

Just after my first cast, Noru got a good strike and brought in a decent Pacu of 4kg on pellet bait. Just as I was taking pictures I got a take on my rod, and duly brought in a colourful but powerless yellow carp.

(I) Pacu No.1 in the net (19.04.14) [ed]Pacu No.1 in the net

(1) Noru - Pacu No.1 (19.04.14) [ed]Noru with Pacu No.1

(3) Yellow Carp (19.04.14)

(5) Yellow Carp (19.04.14) [ed]Me with a Yellow Carp (species?)

It then went quiet for a while before Noru got another take immediately upon casting out a pellet ball bait. He missed this fish but got another strike once again as his bait hit the surface. This time he brought in a slightly larger Pacu of c.4.5kg.

(10) Noru - Pacu No.2 (19.04.14) [ed]Noru with his second Pacu

Meanwhile, I was getting nothing on my ledger rig. Noru to a breather from fishing to take a smoke and I asked if I could try his very light spinning kit out (2 – 3.5lb class rod) – I casted out a pellet ball and waited …… not this time I said, when suddenly boom, a nice Pacu struck. After a spirited fight, taking longer than I expected on the light tackle, Noru slipped the net under another good fish. Now, Pacu are particularly fiesty, even once landed, and as I removed the fish from the landing net for a photo, with the aid of a boga Grip, it went beserk. The fish repeatedly arch up and bucked, pulling the Boga Grip from my grasp and started bucking towards the water’s edge. I immediately dived under the fence and just managed to get my foot on the hand cord just as the fish flopped into the water. That was close, it would have been the loss of an expensive Boga Grip for me and certain death for the fish …… phew!

(L) Fighting a Pacu on light tackle (19.04.14)Fighting a Pacu on light tackle

(13) Pacu No.3 (19.04.14)The 3rd Pacu of the session – relief on my face after it broke free and almost jumped back into the water with my Boga Grip …. !

(14) Pacu No.3 (19.04.14)Pacu No.3 of the session

Another angler had move next to us, and had started chumming bread to get the Patin feeding. He was soon bringing in a decent fish. We tried to take advantage of the chumming, but couldn’t manage to get a take as dusk signalled the official end of fishing at 7.00pm. We fished on a little until darkness, but with no luck.

We finished up with a very nice meal of nasi goring, red ayam curry and veggies at the on-site restraint, all washed down with cans of 100 plus. Delicious on an empty stomach! This location is definitely worth another try, particularly to try for a Patin.

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