NEFFP, Rawang – Post 1 (17.01.14)

(1)_Asian Redtail CatfishAsian Redtail

(2)_Belida (Knifefish)

(3)_Belida (Knifefish)Belida (Knifefish)

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3 Responses to NEFFP, Rawang – Post 1 (17.01.14)

  1. Kolby Lee says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Firstly I would like to say that I am a big fan of this blog. Not only are the posts thoroughly interesting and informative, but the details which you put into them really help anglers to gain a good grasp of the locations that you fish. Now, with regards to NEFFP, I have noticed that you usually fish in post 5 or 6. As someone who frequents the place quite often, I can tell you that this spot is full of fish. However, the average size is somewhat lackluster. If you are willing to have a slightly lower bite rate with much bigger sized average fish, I suggest you try post 9 during the night time (11pm onwards is best). I can attest that many large fish have been taken from the location, and during my last session there, we landed a 15kg and 18kg redtail, with something much bigger breaking us off.

    • Hi Kolby,

      Thanks for the comments – and thanks for reading the blog. I try and put some useful information in to help out, just as I like to get information from other blogs regarding fishing locations, baits and tactics. I admit, I started on Post 5 and then moved on to Post 6. Recently I have been trying Posts 1 & 2. However, I’ll give Post 9 a go. What baits to you find most productive? Have you had any luck with the vegetarian species – The Mekong Catfish or any carp species? Thanks.

  2. Kolby Lee says:

    Hi Andrew,
    One of the most productive baits I have found for the predatory species has been fresh kembong (indian mackerel. I have heard from the pond workers that this is what the fish are fed in the morning. I have caught toman, amazon redtail catfish, asian redtail catfish, alligator gar and jelewat with it. The head seems to be the best part due to its high scent, accounting for most fish that I catch there. I typically rig the bait freelined with a 30lb fluorocarbon leader and 4/0 circle hook, and cast only five meters from shore, especially at night, when the redtails patrol the edges of the pond in search of food. As for the vegetarian species, I have not targeted them, but have seen them caught with dedak with various scent additives on a coil feederon the bottom. If you wish to catch mekong catfish, use a 6 inch 80lb braided hooklink with a 1/0 hook. Do not bait the hook, but put small styrofoam balls on it, so it is buoyant in the water. As the fish comes in to eat the bait on the coil, it will suck in the hook first. Hope this helps.

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