NEFFP, Rawang – Fishing with friends (04.10.13)

My good friend Irshad’s son, Abdullah, had started to show an interest in fishing. I’d mentioned that I would take him to Rompin for Sailfish, but somehow we’d never managed to get the timing right to go. Now, he’d got his Mum to buy him a fishing rod and take him to a local pond near his house and, with the aid of a helpful angler, had caught his first fish, a Patin (a local species of freshwater catfish). Irshad was keen to encourage his new interest and get him away from the computer and do some outdoor activities. So, we decided to take him to the Natural Exotic Fishing Pond in nearby Rawang – it almost guaranteed that we’d catch some decent sized catfish! 

We arrived at the pond around 4.40pm and were fishing at Post 6 by just before 5.00pm. I showed Abdulllah how to rig up and we fished with the following set-ups:

  • Float fished live-bait rigged on wire hook-length fished at c.2.5m depth to try for garfish
  • Ledgered dead-bait fished near the restaurant “island”
  • Spinning rod rigged with a Starlit white/red soft plastic

The fishing was surprisingly slow, with nothing on lures and only the odd, lazy bite on dead-bait. Irshad got one pull as he was reeling in and the live-bait came in minus its tail with a large crescent shaped bite – the elusive gar! As it was still slow, I decided to switch the float rig to ledgered dead-bait. After about an hour we got a good hook-up, a decent fish that ran towards structure. Abdullah took up the fight but unfortunately pulled the hook. About 15 minutes later, we got another good strike near the “island”. Again Abdullah did battle, and this was a good sized fish, but again the hook pulled.

I was starting to wonder if we were going to be unlucky, but, as dusk approached things livened up, and Abdullah got his first Amazon Redtail Catfish, a nice c.4kg fish. Then Irshad got a hook up and, despite slipping into the water, soon landed his first Amazon Catfish! It was now dark and we still had plenty of bait, so I switched the spinning tackle and put out a third dead bait. It didn’t take long for me to get a cautious bite, which didn’t hook-up. I put the reel in free spool; the fish picked up the bait again and started to run. I flipped the bail and had a spirited fight with an Asian Redtail. Almost simultaneously, the other two rods went off, and father and son landed another Amazon Cat apiece. Then, in the final 10 minutes, Abdullah fought and landed his third Amazon Cat of the day. That rounded of the session, with 6 fish making it a decent session. Abdullah seemed to really enjoy the session – I think another angler has been added to the ranks!

Photo 04-10-2013 19 02 00

(1)_Abdullah - Fish No.1Abdullah with his first Amazon Redtail Catfish

Photo 04-10-2013 18 50 49and trying for his second …..!

(3)_Fish No.3Asian Redtail Catfish

(6)_Fish No.5Fish No.5

(7)_Abdullah - fighting Fish No.6Abdullah fighting Fish No.6 

(10)_Abdullah - Fish No.6(11)_Abdullah - Fish No.6Another good Amazon Redtail Catfish

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