New Toys – Update (20.09.13)

So, after bringing my new reels home, I started having some reservations over the Twin Power SW6000PG for the role that I intended for it – light popping for sailfish. Not that the reel is not an excellent piece of kit, it is, and it could handle a sailfish, it’s just not heavy enough for repeated popping and fighting large sailfish. The problem is that when I went to buy it from a local tackle shop, they didn’t have a 6000 in stock, the only comparative that I had was on older (pre new 2013) model Biomaster. Now, the Biomaster is the 3rd level reel in the Shimano SE Asia range, and I made the assumption that the body sizes for the Stella, Twin Power and Biomaster were the same. The Biomaster 6000 that they had in the shop was plenty big enough for the intended task. However, when the SW6000PG arrived, it was only slightly bigger than my new Biomaster (2013 model) SW5000 (in the older model, the 8000 and 6000 models were very close in size, now the 6000 and 5000 models are of similar size ….. go figure). So, I decided to try to upgrade it – easier said than done in Malaysia, once you’ve paid your money you’ve got no rights, it seems (completely different to the UK). I bought the reel on the Friday and I called the tackle shop first thing on Monday to ask to upgrade to a bigger, more expensive model (the reel was, of course, unused and as bought), but I basically got ignored. Eventually, using a few drops of the universal business lubricant, I managed to get the cogs of commerce turning (I also made the point that I had been a customer of the shop for over 5 years, could buy everything that I needed online, with a return & refund policy, and that I expected a degree of customer service in return), and managed to upgrade the next weekend to the following model:

Shimano Twin-Power SW8000HG – As I was upgrading to a similar sized reel to my Daiwa Saltiga Z4500, I decided to also change to the high gear ratio to facilitate heavier popping. I will now pair this reel with my Xzoga Takadum casting rod, and will use the Daiwa Saltiga as my lighter popping outfit paired with my Pro-Tech Titanium rod. I will be testing the new gear out the end of the month with my second (& last) Rompin trip of the season. Can’t wait …!!

Twin Power SW8000HGShimano Twin Power SW8000HG

Twin Power SW8000HG & Saltist 40ASW8000HG compared to Daiwa Saltist 40A

Twin Power SW8000HG & Saltiga Z4500SW8000HG compared to Daiwa Saltiga Z4500

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