Port Dickson (21.09.13)

This was my second visit to Port Dickson, again fishing with Noru Razak, but this time with his fishing kaki! We were to split into two groups – Noru, Din and myself on the first boat (with Captain Apek), Badrul and 3 other anglers on boat no.2. We headed out through a moderate inshore swell but soon reached calmer waters offshore. On the way out, the reel cap covering the right hand reel socket of my new Biomaster SW5000XG dropped off, but luckily was spotted by Noru and I managed to find it before if slipped into the bilge of the boat! Shortly after, the reel grip dropped off Noru’s smaller reel, again it was spotted and luckily the handle and screw fitting were still on the floorboards of the boat (no mean feat, as there are cm gaps between the coarse floor planking) …! Was this a bad omen (or just too much vibration in the swell) …..!!

Once we reached the location of the wreck (where a deepwater barge and associated support vessel were anchored – I’m not sure what they were working on), we commenced drifting.  At first, there was only occasional surface activity – we saw one tenggiri (Spanish Mac) swirl on the surface but show no interest in our lures. It didn’t take long for Din to hook up though, catching the first Queenfish of the day after about 10 minutes, on a small jig. In-fact, Din worked hard all day and had a very effective and efficient jigging technique that earned him multiple strikes and fish. A few minutes later I had a strike, but didn’t hook-up. We repeatedly set up drifts over the wreck and fished the water column with jigs. I managed to hook-up on a deep jig, for the first time ever, only to pull the hook (on a smallish fish).

It then went quite for a while before the surface started to erupt in a Queenfish feeding frenzy. I hooked a small Queenie on the new Biomaster, but pulled the hook alongside the boat for a (sort-off) catch and release! Meanwhile Captain Apek and Din were slowly building up their Queenfish catch numbers. I finally managed to hook a slightly better fish of c2.5 kg, which I brought aboard for photo’s before release (mental note to self – wear gloves with Queenies next time, as I got spiked multiple times in my right hand as I tried to hold the struggling fish) …!!

It then went quiet again, with the only (occasional) fish taken coming to deep jigging. Then, at around 2pm, the surface started to be torn up with Queenfish, of varying sizes, chasing fairly large bait fish. Despite casting jigs through the mêlée, we got no hook-ups. Then, Noru put on a big surface plug and got a strike as he raked the lure through the frenzy. I tried various poppers and pencil lures but only caught the tail end of the action and got no hits. That marked the end of the offshore session as things went very quiet. We decided to head back towards the coast and try near shore at Tanjung Tuan. It was predictably quiet (fished out?) and by then, 6+ hours of continuous casting and jigging in an open boat had taken its toll me and I spent the last hour or so resting! Still, it was another good trip out of PD; we ended up with 8 queenfish (and released 4), boat no.2 got 5. Next time I’m going to mix things up a bit and try some live-baiting to augment the casting.

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (1)Running offshore

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (3)Boat No.2 seen through the inshore swell spray

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (6) Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (7)Testing out the new Biomaster SW5000XP

Talang Queenfish - PD (21.09.13) (3)Getting spiked by a feisty Queenfish …! 

Talang Queenfish - PD (21.09.13) (2)Queenfish

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (9)Preparing to set up the next drift 

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (10)Din working the jig 

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (11)And getting the reward ….! 

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (15)Captain Apek concentrating on the task in hand

Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (23)Noru with Queenfish on surface plug

Noru’s Talang Queenfish – Underwater Footage


Port Dickson Fishing (21.09.13) (18)Boat No. 2’s haul of Queenfish

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