NEFFP, Rawang (15.09.13)

This was a 3 hour lure fishing session at the “Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond” (NEFFP) in Rawang. I fished a range of lures (see pic), but the fishing was slow, with even the bait fishers struggling with only occasional bites. I managed to attract 5 strikes, and had 4 brief hook-ups (all on the Starlit soft plastic lure, second from bottom in the picture, but for some reason I dropped all of them. Maybe the fish were only half-heartedly feeding; maybe the recent unseasonal heavy rains had affected the bite? Whatever the reason, it was my first NEFFP skunk! Still, it was nice to be out and active in the fresh air. Next time ……….!!

Lure Selection (15.09.13) [r]The selection of lures used. The “magic” Starlit white/red lure 2nd from bottom …..

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