Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Lure Fishing (10.08.13)

This was a short Saturday afternoon trip to try out my new white/red 10cm Starlit soft plastic lures – I’d see some lure fishermen having good success a few months back and they showed me the lure to use. The only problem was that you couldn’t find them (his particular colour) in any of the KL tackle shops. I’d bought some red versions but had had no luck with them. Finally, I found a small tackle shop with a stock of them, so I bought a couple of packets and was keen to try them out. 

When I arrived, my favoured Post 6 was taken, so I fished Post 5, the restaurant swim. To cut a long story short, I started out with my trusty jig head lure and was almost immediately hooked-up with a smallish Amazon Redtail Catfish, clean hooked in the mouth, only my second on lure. After a few more casts I switched to the Starlit lure, but had no luck, so I fished the remainder of the session with the jig head, taking a second mouth hooked Amazon Cat. A slow fishing session, but a good 3 hour work-out in the fresh air!

(1) Amazon Redtail Catfish No.1 [ed r]Amazon Redtail No.1 on jig

(3) Amazon Redtail Catfish No.2 [ed r](2) Amazon Redtail Catfish No.2 [ed r]  (4) Amazon Redtail Catfish No.2 [ed r]Amazon Redtail No.2

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