Natural Exotic Fishing Pond (12-13.07.13)

My old friend, and part time fishing “wingman”, Glenn Orr, made a visit to KL from his current home in Jakarta. The plan was to chill out for the weekend and spend some time fishing at the Natural Exotic Fishing Pond. Now, over the years, when fishing with Glenn, we’ve had some interesting catches. For example, back in August 2005, I caught my personal best biggest fish, a surprise Blacktip shark, whilst fishing for Yellowfin Tuna out of Muscat. Then, a few years later, whilst fishing for Sailfish at Rompin, we picked up some dorado – the one and only time that I’ve caught these fish in 6 years of fishing in Rompin! And, once again, we were not going to be disappointed …….

Day 1 – Big Catfish (12.07.13)                                                                                             

We arrived at the Pond at about 3.30pm, collected some live bait and made our way to my usual Post 6. However, there was a bit of a stiff westerly breeze, right in our face. So I suggested that we move to Post 10 and have the wind at our backs. Glenn cast out a live-bait on a float rig and I started fishing a jig-soft plastic combo. I had a good take on the second cast and landed a decent Asian Redtail Cat, hooked clean in the lower jaw. Glenn then had a go and was soon hooked-up to a decent fish that unfortunately pulled the hook at the bank side, just before we were about to get a look at it.

Asian Redtail Catfish on lure (12.07.13) (1) [r] Asian Redtail Catfish on lure (12.07.13) (2) [r]

Asian Redtail Catfish – makan jig ….!

Unseen adversary.  Some you lose ……!!

Things then slowed down, and the bait fishing was non-existent. It was now approaching 5.00pm and more anglers started to show up. The breeze had also dropped off so I suggested to Glenn  that we move back to Post 6 before it got taken. Once there we resumed a combination of live / dead-bait and lure fishing. Glenn was working a small orange jig when he suddenly hooked up a decent fish. I didn’t pay much attention at first and carried on lure fishing. But, after about 15 minutes, Glenn was still fighting his quarry. I thought that maybe he’d foul hooked a  good sized Asian Redtail Cat, so I decided to film the action on my GoPro. By now, Glenn had carefully and patiently worked his fish to the bank ….. and it was big. As the massive tail broke surface I wasn’t sure if it was a Mekong Catfish or an Arapaima. After netting it was soon revealed to be a large Mekong Catfish of c.30kg. Unfortunately it was tail hooked, but that only made landing this beast more impressive! After a few quick pictures the fish was slipped back into the water. Once again, an exotic and exciting catch had made an appearance with Glenn on the scene! And it wasn’t over yet …..!!

Glenn - Mekong Catfish c.30kg (12.07.13) (1)  [ed r] Glenn - Mekong Catfish c.30kg (12.07.13) (3) [ed r]

Glenn Orr – c.30kg Mekong Catfish (and some you win …!!)

After recovering from the shock of the big Mekong, we resumed fishing. Glenn was fishing a live-bait under a float near the bank and pipes with no luck. He passed the rod to me and almost immediately I felt a fish hook-up. I past it back to Glenn to land, to give him his first (most probable) Amazon Redtail Cat. As he took the rod it made a number of sustained runs to the centre of the pond, putting up quite a scrap. When Glenn finally brought it to the net it was indeed an Amazon Cat that pulled my boga grip spring balance past it maximum reading of 30lbs, by quite a margin – it turned out to be a c.16kg fish, the biggest Amazon I’d seen caught to-date and almost double my personal best! Mr. Orr again!

Glenn - Amazon Catfish 16kg (12.07.13) (1) [r] Glenn - Amazon Catfish 16kg (12.07.13) (3) [r]Glenn Orr – c.16kg Amazon Redtail Catfish

Glenn - Amazon Catfish (12.07 [r]Final fish of the day

We finished the day with one further (more modest) Amazon Cat before sinking a couple of Tigers at the restaurant before heading for home. A very interesting and satisfying first session!!


Day 2 (13.07.13)                                                                                                                   

We  arrived at the pond at 4.00pm, just as an intense rainstorm hit. It was extreme gusts of wind, heavy rain and it actually felt cold. In-fact It was freezing, the first time I can ever remember feeling uncomfortably cold in Malaysia. We had to shelter near the front desk until the storm passed. After about half an hour, the wind and rain started to die down, so we set up all of the rods, purchased some live-baits and headed off in the rain to Post 6. We fished for only three hours until dusk, in intermittent rain squalls. The fishing was good, if unspectacular, compared to the previous day’s action. We finished up with 5 Amazon Redtail Catfish apiece, on both live and dead-baits, the best being around 8kg. With the cold and wet weather, and having our fill of Amazon’s, we decided to call it a day early and head back to the warmth of home!!

Amazon Catfish (13.07.13) [r]Small Amazon Cat in the rain 

Amazon Catfish c.8kg (13.07.13) [r]Amazon Redtail Catfish c.8kg

Consecutive Amazon Redtail Catfish

Glenn - Amazon Catfish (13.07.13) [r]Glenn with yet another Amazon Catfish

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