Jurassic Angling Park (22.06.13)

A first (and exploratory) trip to the “Jurassic Angling Park” run by Jeffrey Chan, located near Batang Berjuntai. The group comprised five intrepid anglers (one person had to drop out at the last minute due to ongoing Well Operations). We set off bright and early (well, at 5.00am in the dark actually) and met up with our guide, Jeffrey, at the Natural Exotic Fishing Pond site to transfer to four-wheeled drive vehicles for the journey to the JAP.

We arrived at the site just before dawn and rigged up our tackle in anticipation. As the day broke, we could see Jurassic Lake 1 in front of us, and there were fish rises obvious in the dawn light. One angler was to fish this lake (Jurassic 1); the other group of four anglers were to fish Jurassic 2 using small fibreglass boats with electric motors. The J2 group also had the chance to fish from the banks of the Jurassic 3 lake. The main target species in the lakes, according to my understanding, were as follows:

Jurassic 1 – Toman (Giant Snakehead)

Jurassic 2 – Toman, Aripaima

Jurassic 3 – Peacock Bass

Jurassic Angling Park Google EarthJurassic Angling Park Satellite Image showing the three lakes 

Jurassic Angling Park - J1 Lake (r)Jurassic 1 Lake at dawn

It was a long day, fishing from dawn until 6.00pm, with a break for lunch. On this trip the fishing was poor, but not for lack of effort or, to be fair from lack of fish. I’ll summarise the trip as follows:

Jurassic 3 – plenty of fish rises as we started. Not strikes on surface lures, but we did get some follows from small Peacock Bass on small jigs with plastic grub tails.

Jurassic 2 – constant surface action with big toman and huge arapaima hitting the surface, with airapaimas rolling frequently. Jeffrey told us that he’s had a 45kg fish, and the biggest taken to-date was 65kg! I personally fished 20 different lures: surface lures, poppers, mid and deep water plugs, jigs and soft plastics. I tried 25lb wire leader and mono. We covered the entire water, banks, bays shallows and deeps, but no strikes or follows. The other anglers tried a wide range of lures. There was one toman strike on a surface lure with spinner blades, but no hook-up. This lake was full of life, with abundant bait fish and giant freshwater mussels present. One person fishing bait caught some small catfish and jelawat. Towards the end of the day I float fished live-baits for about 1.5 hrs, but again, no takes. 

Jurassic 1 – one angler fished this lake with the guide. He landed two small toman on spinners, but also got bitten off by a good fish whilst bait fishing.

In summary, this angling destination is exciting. It’s in the “wilds” (surrounded by palm-oil plantation and aquaculture ponds, but it’s definitely off the beaten track, and not like the industrial style pay ponds available near KL. It’s got big fish, in abundance, and waters are clean and viable. The angling set-up is pretty professional, with good quality electric motors for each boat, a good transfer service from Rawang, and good technical angling advice from the guides. I don’t know why it fished so poorly on this occasion, but it definitely wasn’t through lack of angling effort or fish! I’ll definitely make a return visit but next time I’ll come prepared to catch and fish with live-baits. This is the place to catch a big toman!

Weaver Bird Nest - J2 Lake (r)Weaver bird nest in reeds at the lakeside 

The Anglers - Jurassic 2 Lake (r)The intrepid anglers with Jeffrey Chan at Jurassic 2

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2 Responses to Jurassic Angling Park (22.06.13)

  1. Jacob says:

    Hi how do i get there from Singapore and whats the price for a days fishing. Thanks

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