Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Lure Fishing (16.06.13)

This was a quick trip on a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to get some lure fishing practice in ahead of next weekend’s full day excursion to “Jurassic Angling Park”. I’d also modified some of my soft plastic tails, shortening them so that the hook was set further back. In the course of the past trips, I’d caught a number of fish on lures, mostly Asian Redtail Catfish, and usually, there were a series of knocks or trembles on the line prior to (usually a foul) hook-up. And it was almost always Asian Redtails – these are predatory catfish and they must be chasing and nipping at the baits, finally getting hooked in the (usually) dorsal fin or tail as they turned away. I’d caught one fish hooked in the mouth, an Amazon Redtail, some weeks back, on a small white storm shad soft plastic lure (white seems to be the best lure colour at this fishery).

So, I spent the next 3 hours working a variety of lures, but only got takes on the small white jig head with modified soft plastic tail, and only started getting hits from about 5.30pm. First I got a good fish on that pulled the hook, quickly followed by a tail hooked Golden Catfish.

Golden Catfish  (16.06.13) Golden Catfish

I followed this up with a good fish, a good sized Asian Redtail, that came to the bank hooked clean in the right side of the upper jaw. Yessss!

Asian Redtail Cat on lure (16.06.13) (1) Asian Redtail Cat on lure (16.06.13) (2) Asian Redtail Cat with lure (16.06.13) Asian Redtail Catfish on lure

I completed the day with a second Asian Redtail, although this one was hooked in the body  😦 . So, I’d caught my second clean-hooked fish, that makes a 20% mouth hooked rate, still too many foul hooked fish, and more work to be done to improve the legal catch count. One of the angling reports that I’d read showed plenty of mouth hooked fish at this pond, with a variety of lures, so improvements are possible.

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