Tow Foo Pond (07.06.13)

The fishing renaissance continues! Though for some reason I decided to make a return (after a long absence) to Tow Foo Pond. I had some romantic ideas about filming a Pacu hook-up and possible also an elusive patin – I’d read that the pond had been re-stocked with catfish sometime in 2011 or 2012. I’d also seen a few bits of video footage and some pics of patin taken at the pond.

I arrived eager(ish) and full of optimism. Although I’d failed (for the first time) to collect any palm oil seeds at “the avenue” on the way in. I did have bread, luncheon meat and tempeh (as advised by Aziz). 

When I got to the houseboats, they were much bigger and more cumbersome than I remembered (and were in even worse condition than before). There were no pointed anchor poles as before. I struggled to get into position near the reed island in a stiff breeze. I only had a few rod holder tubes available on one side of the boat, so had to position this, but there was only one hole through the “hull” in which to set the “anchor” pole. The other “anchor”, a car brake disk, was not enough to stop the raft drifting and twisting in the breeze. It was hot, I was sweating hard, and started to get extremely pissed off – fishing is supposed to be relaxing! The luncheon meat (and to a lesser extent, the tempeh) kept casting off, and bread seemed a dead loss. There was very little surface activity.

After a few hours of fooling around, I finally managed to get the fishing platform stabilised and finally got a strike on tempeh – I wrestled a 500 gm pacu to the raft ……!! The smallest pacu I’ve ever caught – despite the fact that they are supposed to be sterile, they must be breeding here, because this was definitely a baby!! Then, the rain clouds finally reached Tow Foo and it started to rain …! I was, by now, fishing tempeh on both rods (having figured out how to keep it on the hook). Suddenly, one fof the rods buckled over and was nearly ripped from the rod rest – a decent pacu that put up a good fight right up to the raft. A decent 8lb fish. And that was it for the trip. I waited for the rains to subside before polling the raft back to shore just after dark.

Pacu - 8lb (07.06.13) [r]A decent 8lb Pacu in the net

 Tow Foo Pond in the rain (07.06.13) [r]Tow Foo Pond in the rain – looks good in the pictures …..!

 Tow Foo Pond sunset 1 (07.06.13) [r] Tow Foo Pond sunset 2 (07.06.13) [r]Tow Foo sunset

If I return again, I think that I will take a rowing boat and try different parts of the pond. If ….!!

Definitely not my best visit to the pond.

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