Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Post 10 (31.05.13)

A trip to try out a new location on the west side of the pond – Post 10. I’d heard anecdotal evidence that big fish were taken at this location. And it always seemed to be a popular spot. It’s close to the main battery of water aerator paddles – maybe the water is better oxygenated here? Other than that, there is no significant structure or anything else to suggest a “hot spot”! I was going to fish livebait, lures and bread on this outing.

I arrive around 4pm, and immediately put out a livebait under a float. I was hooked-up almost immediately to a spirited c.6kg Amazon Catfish. After a quiet spell I decided to try lure fishing and soon hooked-up again, this time a decent (c.6kg) Asian Redtail, once again foul-hooked in the (second) dorsal fin).

F1_Amazon Redtail Catfish (31.05.13) (2) [r]Fish No.1 – Amazon Redtail Catfish

F2_Asian Redtail Catfish (31.05.13) (2) [r]Fish No.2 – Asian Redtail Catfish (on jig head + soft plastic)

Fish No.2 – Asian Redtail Catfish caught on Jig + Soft Plastic lure

I then spend a short spell float-fishing bread (I’d been ground baiting the area in-front of the post and had a number of carp in the swim). Nothing doing, so I resumed livebait fiishing as a storm approached and started to break. As the rain intensified the float suddenly disappeared and I was into a decent fish, a personal best 8kg Asian Redtail Catfish. I followed this soon after with a smaller Asian Cat, again under the heavy downpour.

F3_Asian Redtail Catfish 8kg (31.05.13) (1) [r] F3_Asian Redtail Catfish 8kg (31.05.13) (2) [r] F3_Asian Redtail Catfish 8kg (31.05.13) (3) [r] F3_Asian Redtail Catfish 8kg (31.05.13) (4) [r]Fish no.3 – Big (8kg) Asian Redtail Catfish caught during intense rainfall

The storm was really intense by now and I decided to call it a day and head over to the restaurant for a beer until the rain subsided and I could drive back to KL.

Natural Exotic Pond - Thunderstorm (31.05.13) (3) [r]Intense Thunderstorm

Natural Exotic Fish fishing Pond – Thunderstorm

The tally for the session:

  • 3 Asian Redtail Catfish c.4 – 8 kg
  • 1 Amazon Redtail Catfish, c.6 kg
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