Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Livies, Lures and Luncheon Meat (24.05.13)

A  Friday afternoon / evening session …… again. This time to try live-bait fishing for garfish and arapaima, test a selection of lures and finally to finish off after dark with luncheon meat on a light spinning rod.

I started off with live-bait, fished on wire trace, and set under a float about a meter below the surface. This was slow going. I alternated live-bait with testing out a variety of lures, but without a touch:

Selection of lures (24.05.13) [r]A selection of lures tried (and Ma Ling luncheon meat …)

After about an hour and a half, I switched to a running float rig, with the stop knot set at about 3m, with the live-bait near the bottom. It didn’t take long before the float suddenly disappeared, in a heavy thunderstorm, and a decent fish tried to run for cover beneath the restaurant structure. After a decent tussle, the net was slipped under a c.6 kg Asian Redtail Catfish. This was soon followed by a small Amazon Redtail Cat, and then by another Amazon Cat on live-baits

Asian Redtail Catfish, c.6kg (24.05.13) [r]Asian Redtail catfish, c.6kg caught on live-bait

Amazon Cat on live-bait (24.05.13) [r]Small Amazon Redtail Cat, again on live-bait

I noticed the men in the next swim up were having lots of strikes, and landing plenty of fish,  on white & red soft plastic lures – Starlit lures, apparently the best lures to use here. I asked how many were hooked in the mouth – 50:50 was the reply, which was a lot better than I’d achieved to-date on lures. I persisted, finally switching to a jig with a soft tail and finally hooked up a decent fish that put up a good fight, an Asian Redtail of c.7 kg, nicked (foul hooked) in the dorsal fin!

With that, I returned to bait fishing. I lost a good fish that broke me off under the restaurant structure. Then, whilst I was rigging a live-bait, there was a big swirl by the live-bait pen – I put the hooked live-bait in the water whilst closing and returning the bait pen to the water. A big fish immediately hit my bait, at the surface about 1m from the bank. I picked up the rod and a good fish made a strong run towards structure. After a number of powerful runs, I finally had the fish to net – a good Amazon Retail Catfish weighing in at 9kg on the Post scales.

9kg Amazon Catfish on live-bait (24.05.13) [r]9kg Amazon Redtail Catfish, hooked at the bank-side!

I then decided to try luncheon meat on the light spinning rod. I was dropping the bait right up against the restaurant kitchen. I had a bite a cast (whenever the bait stayed on the hook), landing a range of sizes, all Amazon Cats, including one fish of about 7kg that I really had to struggle with to keep out of the structure. I also pulled the hooks on 2 or 3 fish (the circle hook had been partially straightened during hook removal!), and missed a few bites.

c.7kg Amazon Catfish on luncheon meat (24.05.13) [r]c.7kg Amazon Redtail caught on luncheon meat

The final tally for the session was:

  • 7 Amazon Redtail Catfish, 3 – 9 kg
  • 2 Asian Redtail Catfish 6 – 7 kg
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2 Responses to Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Livies, Lures and Luncheon Meat (24.05.13)

  1. Ck Chong says:

    Hi…very interested to read your fishing story here, u make me fell like fishing right now….do u mine share your experience what kind of lure and Technic is the best to fish at here…. like searching bottom or mid water or top water?

    • Hi Mr.Chong,
      Thanks for reading the blog. I’ve only had success pulling jigs with soft plastic tails or soft plastic lures (eg Starlit white with red tail) slowly along the bottom – primarily for Asian Redtail Catfish. Although I have had strike at the surface with soft plastic (green) lures, mostly bite off’s from garfish. I also got a gar strike on a popper once too. Search through the NEFFP entries for more information.
      Good fishing!

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