Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Bait Experimentation (17.05.13)

This was another Friday afternoon – evening trip. We were joined by Anthony Sullivan (of Hook, Line & Sinker fishing guide fame). The aim of this trip was to try out different baits and try for some new species. Anthony wanted to sample the pond with a view to bringing charter clients here for some decent freshwater fishing. So, the baits to be used included:

  • Live-bait, including goldfish
  • Pork luncheon meat
  • Boilies
  • Palm  oil seeds
  • Variety of soft plastics and plugs

When I arrived, Ben Urlwin had just been broken off and was soon into another fish (Amazon Redtail) as I was setting up – the fish took ledgered live-bait. I set up a float and dropped a live-bait by the pipes at Post 6 whilst I set up a spinning rod for lure fishing and another float rod for carp. I periodically ground-baited sweetcorn in front of the post. Meanwhile, the other anglers arrived and started fishing the restaurant at Post 5, with a variety of baits – live goldfish, chicken livers and palm oil seeds.

My live-bait wasn’t being touched at the pipes. Ben, however, picked up another good cat on live-bait. I had a good half hour spinning, trying a variety of lures, without a touch, including fishing to the south near the aerators. I then returned to my live-bait and picked up a reasonable cat out in the middle of the pond.

Natural Exotic Pond - View south from Post 6 (r)The view south from Post 6

Amazon Redtail Catfish on livebait (r)Amazon Redtail Catfish taken on live-bait

Down at post 5 Steve got an Alligator Garfish on the goldfish livie.

Alligator Garfish on live goldfish (r)Alligator Garfish taken on live goldfish

Encouraged, and with a fish already under my belt, I returned to spinning a soft plastic and almost immediately hooked up a decent fish, as soon as my lure hit the water – my first Alligator Garfish, unfortunately foul hooked.

Alligator Garfish on soft plastic (1) (r) Alligator Garfish on soft plastic (2) (r) Alligator Garfish on soft plastic (4) (r) Alligator Garfish on soft plastic (3) (r)Alligator Garfish on soft plastic lure

After a few more casts, I decided to try floating sweetcorn as I’d noticed a lot of activity where I’d been ground-baiting. I soon hooked up a nice Jelawat.

Jelawat on sweetcorn (r)Jelawat on sweetcorn

It was now late afternoon, and I settled down to bait fish, first live bait and then fish heads near the restaurant for catfish. Anthony had had one bite on boilies, then picked up a Jelawat on palm oil seed. But the magic bait seemed to be pork luncheon meat – the Amazon Redtail Catfish were in a frenzy for it – in the couple of hours fished after dark, Anthony went into double figures on Amazon Cats, including a nice 18lb fish:

Big Amazon Cat (18lbs) on luncheon meat (r)18lb Amazon Redtail Catfish on luncheon meat

I picked up a further 3 catfish – I had one take on live-bait that I missed, but took all of the others on fish heads. Interestingly, fish head appears to be better than livies for the Amazon Cats …….!!

Amazon Cats on float-fished fish head (1) (r) Amazon Cats on float-fished fish head (2) (r) Amazon Cats on float-fished fish head (3) (r)Amazon Cats taken on float-fished fish head baits

My finally tally was:

  • 4 Amazon Redtail Catfish
  • 1 Alligator Garfish
  • 1 Jelawat

The group total catch numbered well over 20 fish, with 3 different species caught.

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