Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Floating for Cats (10.05.13)

A solo trip after work on Friday afternoon. I had three objectives for this trip:

  • To try out my light Daiwa Apollo spinning rod on big fish
  • To catch catfish on lures
  • To catch catfish on float from the drain-pipe near Post 6

I arrived at 3.40pm. The pond was very quiet (so to was the nearby  Jurassic Game Fishing Pond – Toman (Snakehead) pond). I bought 3 small carp-like fish as bait from the registration desk and headed out to Post 6 (I’d previously fished Posts 4 and 5). I rigged up the Apollo with a Penn Spinfisher 6500 spooled with 20lb braid with a float assembly. I plumbed the depth around the drain-pipe and was surprised to find it being c.8-9ft deep (deeper than I thought). I set a stop knot so that my bait would be just on botton, baited up with a fish head and dropped it next to the pipe. I then started rigging up the two spinning rod outfits that I’d brought. But no sooner had I set to work than I got a bite, and duly landed a spirited c.4kg fish:

F1_Amazon Redtail Catfish_10.05.13 (r)Fish No.1 – Amazon Redtail Catfish

I re-baited, re-set my lure and returned to work rigging the spinning tackle. Immediately as was hit again, this time with a better fish of c.7kg:

F2_Catfish_10.05.13 (r)Fish No.2 – Good sized Redtail Catfish

After this, I decided to try my hand at spinning jigs with soft plastic tails. I quickly struck into a good fish that put up a hard fight – it was a big Asian Redtail Catfish of 16lb (7.3kg), but I was disappointed as it was foul-hooked in the dorsal fin:

F3_Asian Redtail Catfish_10.05.13 (1) (r)F3_Asian Redtail Catfish_10.05.13 (3) (r)Fish No.3 – 7.3kg Asian Redtail Catfish caught on a jig

A short time later a struck into another good fish, another Asian Cat (14lb, 6.4kg), again foul hooked:

F4_Catfish_10.05.13 (r)Fish No.4 – Asian Redtail Cat caught spinning

I decided to rest and returned to float fishing. I missed a series of bites (maybe 5 or 6), so, ss light was beginning to fade, I had a final shot at spinning. This time I was set-up with my GoPro action camera. It wasn’t long before I hooked-up again – another Asian Cat, again foul-hooked:

Fish No.5 – Asian Catfish on jig

I returned to bait-fishing at the drain-pipe to try to get some action video on the float. I was soon rewarded with a series of good Amazon Redtail Catfish, ranging in size from c.4 – 8.2 kg:

F6_Catfish_10.05.13 (r)Fish No.6 – Amazon Redtail Cat caught float fishing

Fish No.7 & 8_Amazon Redtail Catfish (10.05.13)Fish No. 7 & 8 – Redtail Cats. Fish No. 7 is 18lbs (8.2kg)

Fish No.7 – 18lbs (8.2kg) Amazon Redtail Catfish caught float fishing

Fish No.8 – Redtail Cat on float

Fish No.9 – Redtail Cat on float

By the 10th fish of the day, darkness had descended and the session was almost over:

F10_Catfish_10.05.13 (r)Fish No.10 – Another Redtail Cat on float ….!

I switched to ledger tactics as I started to pack-up my gear. I lobbed a fish head near the restaurant and waited. It wasn’t long before the rod tip bucked under the strike of a good fish, the final fish of the day, a c.5 kg fish:

F11_Catfish_10.05.13 (r)Fish No.11 – Last Cat of the day on ledgered fish head

I guess I’ve got the Natural Exotic Pond catfish sorted out. I now need to try for some of the other big fish in the water – various carp, Mekong catfish and other vegetarian beasts, or at least catch one of the really big catfish. I’m also keen to tackle the arapaima and garfish that are also there ……. It’s time to try some different baits and tactics!!

As for my trip objectives – the Apollo light spinning rod got a good workout & performed well. I caught fish on lures, but unfortunately all foul hooked (they do take lures though, so I won’t completely give up on this, I may try a lighter jig that doesn’t hug the bottom so much). And finally, I caught a bunch of fish on float at the drain-pipe, the final tally;

  • 8 Amazon Redtail Catfish, 4 – 8.2 kg
  • 3 Asian Redtail Catfish, 3 – 7 kg
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