Kuala Rompin – 24-25th October 2011

This was my one (and only) salt-water game fishing trip of 20:11 …… just too much work!! It will be different next year!. This was a weekend trip with my two son’s, Sion & Ceri

Day 1 – 24.10.11                                                                                                             Weather: Calm                                                                                                                   Water Temperature: ~30°C

Score for the day:

  • 2 Sails for me, 2 for Ceri.
  • Sion announced that he didn’t want a fish on live-bait, only popper. He worked on and off all day, but, despite getting some follows he didn’t manage to hook-up on the popper.


Day 2 – 25.10.11                                                                                                             Weather: Calm                                                                                                                   Water Temperature: ~30°C

Day highlights:

  • 7 Sails (3 for Ceri, 2 each for Sion and me).
  • No luck for Sion (again) on the popper.
  • I had a good go on the popper too, but, despite getting some follows (my first so far – I must be making progress), no hook-ups (yet!!)

Trip Summary                                                                                                                              11 Sailfish (C&R)

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