Kuala Rompin (16 and17th October 2010)

This was my third (and final) visit of the season to the Sailfishing mecca of Kuala Rompin.


Day 1 – 15.08.10

Weather:C alm, overcast. Becoming sunny mid pm

Water Temperature: ~30°C

Day Summary:


·       1st fish of the day pulled hook (Sion)

·       AG slashed with bill (ouch) while leadering 2nd fish  of the day (Ceri’s ). Failed to dump leader & snapped the fish off!! This was a bit of a lesson. I was mindeful of the fact that it was my younger (relatively inexperienced) son Ceri on the rod – I didn’t want to dump the leader and let him suddenly take the fish again (I wasn’t confident that he was 100% concentrating after a tireing fight). As I pulled on the leader, the fish suddenly reared-up boatside, slashing my chest & under-arm with it’s bill. It all happened so fast & I felt like I’d been stabbed in the arm. I still held on to the leader and broke the fish off. My shirt was skagged from my right pec to my arm & I had a bruise the size of a fist on the inside of my arm!! Cuidado! I left it to the experts after that!


Ceri Griffin fighting a Sailfish


How not to bill a Sailfish – going for the bill…..!!


How not to #2 – getting slashed by an enranged Sailfish …. ouch!


Ceri’s Sailfish (and how not to bill a Sailfish)

·       Feeding a livie to a sail that came to the boatside following a pencil lure. I actually saw this fish turn & eat the bait & then watched him swim away & was able to observe how the line peeled of the reel as the fish move doff with the bait, slowly at first & then speeding up.


Sailfish breaching alongside the boat


Andrew Griffin fighting Sailfish on light spinning tackle.

Boated! (Andrew Griffin with Sailfish)


Sailfish on light spinning tackle

·       Sion catching a sailfish on popper (again). This time on a 50g Rooster popper (green-yellow-orange colour as before – See previous blog).




Sion Griffin fighting Sailfishhooked on a Halco Rooster popper 


Sion with Sailfish (Halco Popper pictured)

·       Mako, as usual, spend the day jigging up a variety of baitfish from the seemingly limitless ocean of E.Malaysia.

·       On a low-note, we saw a number of Ikan Bilis (anchovy) trawlers working the area (usual for this time of year), but were saddened to see a dead sail floating on the surface. Later in the day we saw another, but this one was still twitching. We stopped fishing, backed the boat up to the sail and spent a good 20 minutes reviving him. We were rewarded when he regained his position and colour and swam of, apparently in reasonable shape.

·       When we returned to the dock, a party of Japanese anglers had caught 20 squid for the day – they gave us two of their successful jigs which we were keen to try out the following day.


A satisfying day, although very slow for October – the 2010 season has indeed been strange. El Nino??


Final score for the day:

·       3 from 4 sailfish hook-ups including one fish on popper



Day 2 – 16.08.10

Weather: Choppy, sunny with strong breeze. Calming pm

Water Temperature:~30°C


Day highlights: 

·       Day started off ominously with breezy winds & pretty choppy seas. The initial drifts were very fast & it was impossible to hold bottom for bait jigging at the Sailfish grounds.

·       1st sail of the day came whilst trolling deep diving red/white storm lures for tengirri (narrow barred mackerel, aka kingfish). We got a tremendous strike & I was convinced that we’d hooked a large kingfish (the second lure also got a knock). I (almost) cursed when a sailfish exploded from the water in the boat’s wake and line screamed off the reel and the rod buckled into a horseshoe bend. I passed the fish to Ceri to fight. He calmly (he’s starting to get some style about him) played the sail to the boat. We noticed that the fish seemed to have a deformed spine (see pic).


Ceri Griffin with Sailfish taken on Storm deep-diving plug

·       Double hook-up – later in the day, as the action picked up, me & Sion scored a Sailfish double.


Father & son double Sailfish hook-up


Double hook-up No.1 landed
Double hook-up No.2 landed


Andrew & Sion Griffin – Sailfish Double Hook-up


Another Rompin Sailfish Catch & Release …!


·       No luck on squid jigs – despite using the jigs given to us by the Japanese blokes (they caught 20 on the previous day) we failed to catch a single cephalopod!

·       Anthony hooked up a small sail that chased his favourite (Japanese hand-made) pencil lure to the boat. He got it o the second cast. Unfortunately, as it ran past the bow of the boat, Ah Ken cast my popper over the line. “Don’t lose my lure” I shouted. Ah Ken managed to untangle my lure from the line. Just at that moment, Anthony’s leader caught on the anchor (jutting out from the bow) & promptly snapped …….much to Anthony’s displeasure & annoyance!! A few choice words, in Bahasa, were exchanged with Ah Ken!!

·       We did end the day with a nice feed of Kerisi, courtesy of Mako’s tireless jigging efforts.


Final scores for the day:

·       8 from10 sailfish hooked-up, including one fish on a storm deep diving plug.


Ceri Griffin with another fine Sailfish (in Ah Ken’s mighty mitts)


Trip Summary

11 Sailfish (C&R)


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