Return to Kundang Lakes [Towfoo Pond] (27.08.10)

Towfoo Pond Revisited (27.08.10)

This was my second visit to Towfoo Pond in less than a week, after a previous 6  month absence! What’s going on?? Has fishing fever taken control again ….?? Well, no actually …… well, not quite. As noted in my previous blog, I’d enjoyed fishing from the rowing boat, and, in particular, enjoyed exploring different parts of the lake. As my mate Jochen had said on the last trip – “it’s almost as if you are fishing in a real lake in the countryside”. It was nice to get away from the crowds casting sea tackle from the banks towards the main reed raft as they lounge around the “clubhouse” smoking, eating mee goreng, etc.

So, I decided to take my Friday afternoon off to revisit the pond and again try out the far end of the water. I had a number of objectives for this trip:

(i) Try out some new baits – in addition to the proven palm oil seeds, I’d also brought pork luncheon meat and banana.

(ii) The boat has no rod holders – avid readers might remember me losing a rod overboard on a previous visit (see Malaysia – Tow Foo Pond (Q4.08 – Q1.09), How to lose a Pacu). I’d bought a couple of types of clamp (one metal g-clamp, one plastic sprung grip clamp) that I wanted to try out with my usual bank-stick type rod holders.


I left the office at around 2.00pm, but unfortunately got caught up in traffic. I finally left the house with my fishing gear at 2.45pm, after making a quick stop at the hardware store to buy clamps. Then I got caught up in a big traffic snarl-up around Masjid Wilayah (District Mosque), as the faithful finished their Friday prayers, with more people than usual during Ramadan. Luckily, using some backroads I soon managed to get on the highway heading NW to Sungai Boloh and the ponds. Unfortunately, it then started to rain!!

I stopped to collect some palm oil seeds & finally arrived at the pond, in the rain, at 4.00pm. Undeterred, I loaded my gear and headed to the far end. I quickly rigged up and cast a palm oil seed. I set-up the rod holder held by the metal g-clamp –  it worked very well, and then set-up the second rod with a lump of luncheon meat. The plastic clamp also seemed to work ok. My first strike occurred a few minutes later as an 8lb fish took the palm oil bait. The metal g-clamp held fast as the fish started taking line & pulling the boat around as I quickly reeled in the other rod before commencing the fight. I soon slipped the net under a reasonable sized pacu. I reset baits and waited ….. and waited ….. and waited. Despite casting all around the area, seeing fish rising, and trying palm oil seed, luncheon meat, prune and banana, I only manage one pick up which promptly dropped the bait as the line started to tighten.

8lb Pacu in the net

Finally, for the last half hour or so of daylight I paddled back to the main part of the pond to fish the reed “raft” – this is usually the best place. It didn’t take too long before I got a good strike from a big fish. I immediately picked up the rod and tried to turn the fish out from under the reeds but only managed to part the 15lb mainline! I fished on for another 10 minutes and then finished up as the light faded. I’d tested the rod rests, but there wasn’t enough activity to ruled out the banana or luncheon meat baits – except for the fact that the meat didn’t cast too well!

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