Kundang Lakes [Towfoo Pond] (21.08.10)

Pacu Fishing with Jochen Kassan

This was my first visit to the pond in 6 months or so. I’d mentioned that I was thinking of going fishing on the weekend to my colleague, Jochen, and he seemed keen to give it a go. We arrived at the lake at 3.30pm only to find a raft already in the best position near the main floating reed-beds. I was crestfalllen, I’d only ever fished this reed bed as it was the only significant piece of structure on the lake. It also tended to produce a reasonable supply of good sized pacu. We only had two options:

(i) Take the other raft and try out a different part of the lake

(ii) Take the skiff


I opted to take the skiff as it would make us more mobile – we could get around the far side of the reed raft or try other parts of the lake. one problem with the skiff ….. no rod holders. It was also difficult to anchor – the “anchor” being a couple of house bricks tied to a short length of string!! I noted that this had been remidied, however, the new “anchor” consisted of a car wheel brake disk secured by some electrical wire (only in Malaysia!!).

We started off “anchored” at the far (west) bank fishing the reed bed raft. It was slow going. We’d poached into the swim being fished by the people on the raft – they didn’t seem like they new what they were doing, however, and hardly tried a bait hard against the reeds. We did and, after about an hour, I hooked up and landed a reasonable sized pacu weighing in at 11lbs. Jochen was surprised, as this fish had pulled the boat around with it’s strength. A little while after this fish we decided to head to the far (south) end of the lake where we’d seen a lot of surface activity.

Pacu #1 – 11lbs


Towfoo Pond – the far (south) end …. tranqility!

Once we reached the south part of the lake, we set our baits (both using palm oil seeds) and it wasn’t long before Jochen got a take which failed to hook-up. We repositioned the boat a little and re-cast. I was soon into a decent fish that pulled the boat around in circles before making a number of short, powerful surges before coming to the net. This one tipped the scales at 13lb. After this fish, I got a further 2 takes and Jochen had 3 without hooking up. We finally called it a day as the light faded for the day.

Pacu #2 – 13lbs

Sunset over Towfoo Pond

Jochen waiting for a strike!

Last cast

All in all, this was one of my most enjoyable trips to the pond. The rowing skiff adds another dimension. The new “anchor” helps hold the boat in position. The south end of the lake pproved surprisingly active; and it was actually easier fighting a big fish from this than from the bigger rafts that I usually fish from – the fact that the boat swivels around the anchor line keeps the pacu away from any potential source line snagging. On the way back we stopped in Kampung Setia alongside Tasik Biru and had iced lemon tea and delicious mutton soup at a mamak stand. Delicious. 

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