Malaysia (31.08.09)

Kundang Lake [“Tow Foo” pond] (31.08.09)

The family had returned from their annual summer break to Japan and my eldest son had managed to tried different types of fishing (for crayfish, small river fish using nets and carp fishing in a tiny pay “pond” using a length of mono attached to a bamboo pole via some elastic shock absorber). He was now  keen to try for something bigger, and pacu fitted the bill! Even my younger son, Ceri, expressed an interest. We plan an afternoon trip, but when push came to shove, Ceri dropped out. So, Siôn and I, armed with some dried plums and apricots, set off for a session at “Tow Foo” pond. We stopped en route to collect some palm oil seeds and finally reached the pond at c.3.00pm.

After punting the raft out against an unusually stiff breeze, we anchored up (by way of jamming pole into the muddy substrate & dropping a house-brick tied to some old rope over the side) and started rigging up. I had brought the following combos:

·        7’ 12-25lb spinning rod with Shimano Ultegra 5000 with 15lb braid

·        7’ 12-25lb spinning rod with Shimano Ultegra 6000 with 15lb mono

·        7’ 8-17lb spinning rod with Abu Cardinal 44X reel & 15lb mono

I was particularly keen to get something on the 44X, my old freshwater reel from the 1970’s! After setting the baits, we sat and waited. As I was mentioning to Siôn that I’d like to catch on the 44X, boom, the rod heeled over under the weight of a decent fish. Siôn picked up the rod and battled a 3kg pacu to the net. After a quick release, we were fishing again.


 Siôn with the first of the day, Pacu ~6lb


The second fish came about half an hour later. Siôn fighting a bigger pacu, weighing  c.5kg. The fish were a little more subdued than usual, possibly a consequence of the prolonged low water levels that had blighted fishing conditions earlier in the month.


 Siôn’s – Pacu #2 ~10lb


After Siôn’s second fish it was my turn. My first fish was in the weeds before I’d even picked the rod up. I tried giving it free spool, changing angles, etc to try to coax it out, all to no avail. I eventually had to break it off. I managed to steer my second fish away from the weeds into open water. All was going well until the hook pulled ….. 2 out of 2 lost for me!! After that, we got a number of takes that stole or dropped the bait without hooking up, and we finally called it a day at 6.20pm. It had been an enjoyable, if slow, session. One point to note – all strikes came on palm oil seeds, we didn’t get one touch on the (previously good) prune bait!

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4 Responses to Malaysia (31.08.09)

  1. Ron Allison says:

    Hi, that’s an awesome blog.

    I’m new to KL, where can I get palm oil seeds? Thanks!

    • Ron, sorry for the late reply. The blog got migrated from previous software and I’ve only just started blogging again. You can pick up palm oil seeds beneath any palm oil aggregations – the trees are very common. I get mine from an “avenue” of palm oil trees quite near the pond itself. The dried prunes, etc can be bought in local supermarkets.


  2. Timothy says:

    How do you put the palm oil on the hook?

    • Tim,

      I score the whole palm oil seed with a knife to release some oil and just hook it through the one end with a circle hook, ie I fish a whole palm oil seed when fishing for pacu.

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