Oman – September Tuna (22/09/06)

Fishing with Mohammed Jahwari.

Location: c.30+ km N of BK

Weather: Calm

Water Temperature: ~31-32°C

Time: AM-PM

After leaving the marina, we went to the shelf break but only found small kawakawa at the surface. Mohammed called his charter captain, Sahim for information. We were told that there was tuna activity c. 30-40 kms offshore, so we headed out.  On the way we encountered blue water at 31ºC & green (algae) water at 32ºC. Finally after going a fair way out we saw splashes. We immediately deployed live-baits & got a double hook ups on the casting rods., which we duly landed – a brace of yellowfin tuna of ~18kgs respectively . We re-set the baits and got another strike, which pulled the hook after a short fight. Then things went quiet, and after an hour or so we started to run back towards land. On the way we saw some frenzied surface activity from a fast moving school of tuna. As we came alongside, I cast a live-bait and got an instant hit whilst the bail arm was still open. I let the fish run for a few seconds before shutting the bail – the rod immediately loaded-up and I was into another schoolie yellowfin, a fish of ~16kgs. We chased the school for another half an hour without success, and finally called it a day and returned to the marina by 4.00pm.


Tuna fishing with M.Jahwari_1 (22.09.06) (r) Tuna  (22.09.06) (i) Tuna fishing with M.Jahwari_2 (22.09.06) (r)

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